Juniper Hill is being built by Quality Green Homes. The home builders are Jeffrey Brem, an engineer based in Westford for over 20 years and Joseph Flaherty, a builder of thousands of high quality homes in the Merrimack Valley over the past 40 years.

Each lot will be owned by the homeowners with a deed to the buyer (fee-simple). There will be a Homeowner’s Association with each home having a 1/18 share. The Homeowners Association will be responsible for maintaining the road, drainage, and open space. The Association fee has not yet been determined.

Each homeowner owns his/her own septic system. The primary maintenance is annual pumping of the septic tank at a cost of $200 - $300 per year to be arranged for and paid by the homeowner. Homeowners should not add a disposal unit to the kitchen sink as this could overload the system. The soils are very sandy and issues are unexpected as long as the load is normal and the pumping program is continuous.

Yes, we suggest you talk to the builders as to your needs to see if they can be accommodated.

Phase 1 is expected to be completed by July, 2018.
Phase 2 is expected to be completed by June, 2019.

Basements are not available on the southerly side of the road due to the design of the lots, the homes, the grading, and areas reserved for the septic systems. Some of the lots on the northerly side (south facing front doors) will be able to support basements with walk-outs or partial walk outs.

Absolutely. Quality Green Homes is intent on building exceptional homes using the latest technology available with extreme care to quality and workmanship.

The developers are intending to arrange for the Homeowners Association to hire a landscape company to cut, fertilize, and care for the front yards of all the homes as well as the street trees, drainage system, and open space. The side and rear yards will be maintained by each homeowner. All lawns will have installed irrigation systems for the front yards to comply with Westford Water Dept. rules. This full lawn care program has not been finalized as of yet.

Each homeowner is responsible for clearing their own driveway and walkways. The Homeowners Association will be responsible for clearing the snow off the roadway, as it is a private road.

Yes and Yes. The project was intentionally designed to maintain over 59 % open space with a full pedestrian loop with trails through the woods and then paved sidewalks along the entire length of the road.

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