Juniper Hill is being developed as a well planned residential community. The site and home design incorporates sustainable practices, ultra-efficient design of the natural land and architecture, and the dedication of almost 60% of the project area as permanently protected open space, which totals 10.16 acres of the 17.2 acre site.

Juniper Hill is designed specifically for today’s active families in the great community of Graniteville Village in Westford, MA, a town that has worked hard to maintain an outstanding suburban lifestyle including a long-standing high ranking school system.

All of the 18 single family homes in Juniper Hill will access their lots via a new, private, 22’ wide paved cul-de-sac roadway and will enjoy such amenities as an off-road paved sidewalk for the entire length, walking trails in the wooded open space, small parks, and a sustainable low impact development with a complete drainage system compliant with the standards outlined in the Massachusetts Stormwater Manual. Each home will be on a fee simple lot where the owner reserves all of the standard rights of ownership. Potable water is by the Westford municipal water system and each home will own and maintain its own private septic system (sewerage). Every home will have two internal parking spaces via an enclosed garage and two additional guest parking spaces on the paved driveway.

The pedestrian walkways include over 2000 feet of paved sidewalk supplemented with over 2400 feet of on property woodland trails within the open space area for over 0.8 miles of walking trails. Other on-site open space amenities include a small park area at the end of the cul-de-sac and a pocket quiet park in the middle of the site. Each lot owner will be a member of the homeowner’s association which will manage the roadway and open space maintenance with a monthly fee to be determined.

The architectural design of the homes at Juniper Hill include a high level of attention to detail for energy efficiency. The buildings will be constructed by the on-site building team throughout. This team has worked on dozens of projects in the Westford area for over 25 years with a very well- established and positive track record.

You can be one of the fortunate few that will get to purchase a home at Juniper Hill. To start the process, just email Joseph Flaherty at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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